For complete piece of mind, safeguard your investment with the ultimate invisible protection.

Whether you are purchasing a new car or would like to rejuvenate and protect an existing one, our self healing paint protection film will keep your paintwork in immaculate condition. Not only will the film maintain a showroom finish, it will prevent the anxiety in the anticipation of finding ‘another’ stone chip.

Paint protection film will prevent the unnecessary depreciation of your vehicle, should you choose to sell it. In most cases, buyers will pay a higher premium for a car with paintwork in better condition, especially when compared to similar vehicles that may have suffered severe pitting, stone chipping and scratches.

Self Healing Demonstration

To demonstrate the self-healing capabilities of new generation paint protection film, we have used a wire brush to severely scratch the topcoat of the super-strength urethane film.

Left to its own devices, the film will heal itself within 30 minutes at room temperature. in this demonstration, however, we are using a heat gun to accelerate this process for immediate healing.


Maintain showroom condition of your car

Paint protection film will maintain the showroom condition of your car, prevent stone chips, scratches or swirl marks. It can be removed and replaced if damaged to reveal the original paintwork in showroom condition. Re-sprays are generally not as good as the original paintwork so it’s important to protect it from the start of the vehicles life.