Terms And Conditions


Our 5 Year Warranty covers against cracking, bubbling and yellowing. The Warranty does not cover the penetration or marking of the film. Neither does it cover lifting of the material as a result of negligence. Lifting can occur when using pressure washers too close to the edges of the film.

Re-Sprayed Paintwork

Auto FX Paint Protection cannot guarantee the quality of re-sprayed paintwork due to the irregularity of products, workmanship and curing processes. Therefore we cannot except any liability to damage caused by the removal of paint protection film to re-sprayed paintwork.

Vehicle Preparation

Our trained installers will clean and prep your vehicle before the application of paint protection film. However, we would advise that you have the vehicle cleaned and detailed prior to bringing the vehicle to us. The detailing process should include claying which will ensure that the paintwork is as flat as possible and surface contamination such as fallout, tar spots and other forms of contamination have been removed.

Removal of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film should not damage the original manufacturers paintwork when correctly removed. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused to paintwork when paint protection film is not removed by a trained installer or in the case of re-sprayed paintwork.