For complete peace of mind, safeguard your investment with the ultimate invisible protection.


PH Neutral Wash, Clay Barring, Surface Preparation


Single-stage paint correction ideal for new cars


Computer cut material for a precise and risk-free installation


Application of GTECHNIQ Total Surface Protection products


Fully insured & highly reputable enclosed transportation

Vehicle Preparation

Prior to the application of paint protection film your vehicle will receive a PH neutral wash, this includes a snow foam pre-wash to remove grit prior to the hand wash.

The paintwork will then be clay barred to ensure the removal of fall out (small shards of metal deposit embedded onto the paint surface) as well as other surface contaminants.

Removal of tar spots (small spots of tar picked up from road surfaces in hot weather) which typically build up on the lower panels of the car. A surface degreasing agent will then be used to ensure the paint surface is ready for the application of paint protection film.


We pride ourselves on our reputation and as a result, will not compromise the quality of our installations.

Our digitised patterns are precise and tailored to fit panels discreetly, where possible, edges are wrapped to avoid exposed edges. Where this is not possible a lot of attention to detail is taken on ensuring all edges are appropriately sealed to avoid lifting.

We guarantee an exceptionally high standard of finish, free from contamination and marking.

After careful consideration, I had my BMW GT protected by Auto FX some 18 months ago, as my previous cars had all picked up stone chips, which spoilt the appearance. Having now completed 36,000 miles in just 18 months my car is in perfect condition and looks as if it has just come out of the showroom. Auto FX were highly efficient in every way and l will definitely be contacting them again to protect any future vehicles.


Detailing Services

We recommend that paintwork is corrected by machine polishing prior to the application of paint protection film to remove any light swirl marks, as light as they may be. The following package includes this in house service along with the application of a market leading ceramic coating which we highly recommend for ease of maintenance and further protection. 


  • Single-stage paint correction (prior to paint protection film application)
  • GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra (9-year product) applied to PPF and un-protected paintwork
  • Application of glass sealant
  • Leather deep cleaned
  • Leather treated with GTECHNIQ L1
  • Carpets shampooed and sealed with GTECHNIQ i1
  • Wheels and Calipers coated with GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra(wheels removed, insides and faces sealed)
  • Exhaust tips coated with GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra
  • Engine Bay, Wheel Arches and Tyres cleaned and dressed 

Transportation & Storage

We appreciate that you are busy, so if you would like us to arrange covered transportation for you then we would be happy to do this.

We only use highly reputable companies for our vehicle storage and transportation requirements. Fully insured and with enclosed box trailers only, very professional and respectful members of staff are on hand to ensure that your vehicle reaches us in the same condition that it left you in.

We can also arrange for short to long term storage solutions for your vehicle after our work has been completed, should you wish to plan collection around a busy schedule or even just the weather.

A very reputable storage company catering for the higher end of the market is based only a mile away.

This is my second time using Auto FX, with brilliant service and an unbelievable finish. You really wouldn’t know that there was film on the car unless it was pointed out. I went for the Full Front package on my GTS as I find the level of coverage is perfect for protecting the paintwork against day to day motoring. Thanks to this my car is pristine, still in showroom condition. Highly recommended.


Self Healing Demonstration

To demonstrate the self-healing capabilities of the paint protection film, we have used a wire brush to severely scratch the topcoat of the super-strength urethane film. Left to its own devices, the film will heal itself within 30 minutes at room temperature, however, we are using a heat gun to accelerate this process for immediate healing.