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What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film is an extremely tough urethane membrane which is pre-cut from digitally generated templates that have been designed for a precise fit to the designated area of coverage. Once applied the film offers protection from stone chips, scratches and other forms of surface damage, whilst remaining almost invisible to the eye.

Will paintwork fade evenly with PPF?

Yes, paint protection film (PPF) has been designed to allow UV rays to penetrate through the film. For Example: If you have a red car and wish to take the film off before you sell it, you won’t find that the rest of the paintwork has faded when compared to the paintwork that was protected by the film.

Will the film be visible once applied?

No, once the film has been installed you will not be able to tell the difference between protected and non-protected paintwork. Anyone who doesn’t know that the film has been installed would have to be shown in order to see it.

Can the film be used on metallic, pearl or satin finishes?

Yes, paint protection film will not affect the look of metallic or pearl paintwork. We also have a dedicated film for satin finishes.

Will the film affect washing or waxing?

No, once applied the vehicle can be washed and waxed as usual. We do however advise staying away from some of the more harmful chemicals that are typically used in hand car washes. These chemicals are very aggressive and although they probably won’t have an affect on the film we would advise against using them.

Will the film disintegrate over time?

No, the film will not disintegrate to any degree.

Can paint protection film be removed?

Yes, the film can be removed at anytime. If damaged, we can replace that section of film, which would be cheaper than having a re-spray. It should however be removed by a professional who will ensure the film is taken off at the correct temperature.

Can I use pressure washers?

Yes, pressure washers can be used as normal as long as they are not used too close to the edges of the film – at least 2 foot away from the nozzle to the paint surface. Even for bare paintwork, pressure washers should not be held any closer than this for risk of damaging the paint.

How long will it take for the film to be applied?

A full days work should be allowed in order to install a full kit on most vehicles.

What kind of facilities are required to install paint protection film?

The film must be installed in the correct environment to avoid contamination. A clean and well lit indoor area with no wind or high levels of air movement.

Will the film self heal from all scratches?

No, there are limitations to the films top coat. We use soft wire/ copper brushes for our self healing demonstrations, the purpose of the demo is to show how resilient the film is towards cleaning/ swirl marking and other light surface scratches that our cars ultimately pick up through general motoring. If a steel brush or a car key is used then it would likely pierce the top coat of the film (which is the self healing part) and mark the film. However, the film should protect the paint work which is ultimately what it’s there to do. If the paint protection film is damaged then it can be safely removed and replaced, avoiding the cost of a re-spray.

What films do you use?

We offer Xpel Ultimate and SunTek self-healing paint protection films.

Can I have paint protection film installed if I’ve had a re-spray?

Yes, although we recommend that the re-sprayed paintwork be left for at least two weeks to harden and cure before the film is applied. If the film is applied straight away then the paintwork could be at risk of lifting if the film is ever removed.

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