Quick and easy to maintain, wash and wax as normal.

Aftercare & Warranty Information

After the installation you may see some moisture beneath the film, this is normal and it’s a result of the water based application process – so don’t worry. Any moisture beneath the film will dry out completely. It’s important not to touch or disturb these areas whilst the film is drying out as any severe movement could leave marks. This process should normally take 2-3 days but it will vary on temperature, so it may take slightly longer during winter months.


The curing process takes around 48 hours, during this time we advise against washing the car. Keeping the car in a dry environment after the installation will speed up the curing process, although this is not vital.


Watch light scratches such as swirl marks and our wire brush demonstrations heal within 20-30 minutes at room temperature. A heat gun or a cup of warm water can be used for immediate healing.


Try to remove stains such as bugs and birdlime as soon as possible as they can vary in levels of acidity. We recommend using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on a microfibre cloth to aid in the removal of stains.

Cleaning Guidance

Standard strength/ PH neutral shampoos are recommended; we advise against using high strength chemicals that are typically used in cheap hand car wash’s as they are very aggressive.

  • We recommend washing regularly to prevent contamination buildup around exposed edges.
  • Avoid pressure washing too close to exposed edges.

Waxing is recommended to enhance the gloss finish of the topcoat; it also offers further protection to the film. This can be done as normal although we suggest against waxing over the edges of the film, as a wax build up can be unsightly. We advise leaving a 1-inch gap when waxing up to an edge of the film. When removing wax close to an edge, wipe cloths with the direction of the film edges, rather than too and fro over the edges. This should prevent any wax build up.

Clay bars can be used as normal.

Removal Of Paint Protection Film

We strongly advise that your vehicle is taken to a professional installer for the safe removal of paint protection film. If this is not possible then follow the below steps to ensure safe removal.

  1. Warm the film up with a heat gun, keep the heat gun moving in a circular motion to avoid a heat build up in one area which can result in burning of the film or damage to the paintwork. The heat gun needs to be hot enough to warm the adhesive but not too hot that it will burn the film – You should be able to hold it against your hand for 2 seconds before it gets too hot. If you can’t hold it against the palm of your hand for 2 seconds then it’s too hot, if you can hold it there for a lot longer then it’s not hot enough.
  2. Once the film is warm, lift a corner of the film with a fingernail and gently start peeling away.
  3. Keep applying heat every 15-20 seconds or so in a circular motion to ensure that the adhesive remains warm.
  4. Gently peel the film away from the surface keeping the film that’s already been lifted at a shallow angle, ideally it should be removed at an angle of 45 degrees. This should prevent the adhesive from coming away from the film and staying on the paint surface. If this does happen then we recommend AutoGlym tar and glue remover to remove any left over adhesive.
  5. Do not try to rip the film from the paintwork. Be patient, keep the film warm and gently remove.


Xpel Ultimate paint protection film comes with a 10 year manufacture warranty which covers against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating.

SunTek paint protection film comes with 5 year warranty which covers against cracking, bubbling and yellowing.

Thank you for choosing Auto FX for the installation of paint protection film, we hope that the guidance given above will help to further protect your investment. However, if you do have any queries then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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